My name is Emily Dilbeck and I am an abstract artist in California.

Iā€™m inspired by the beauty that surrounds me here in California. I grew up in a rural agricultural town where I developed a love of farmland, the nearby river and ocean. The color of the land, water, and sky inform and inspire my color palette.

I studied art and am fortunate that a professor saw something in me I did not. He said, "There is an abstract painter inside of you." I was hesitant, but curious. He was right. It was love. The play and tension that can occur within an abstract painting are what keep me painting. The possibilities are endless, and I approach each painting as a problem to solve. I love observing forms emerge from the painting, creating familiar yet otherworldly forms.

I have a passion for teaching others how to manipulate media to create something that is authentic and fulfilling for them. I have been teaching art for more than 11 years and I cannot imagine life without teaching. I'm inspired by watching my students explore and discover what has been in them all along.